Dream in colour

Last night I dreamt in hues – cobalt, scarlet, primrose, emerald, amethyst, umber, celadon … a kaleidoscope of pattern, texture and colour, colour, COLOUR!


You see I have a new crush … and it’s on an older man. Kaffe Fassett (pronounced to rhyme with safe asset as I found out last night) was running a colour inspiration lecture at Lady Sew n Sew in Henley. For those of you who have not yet explored this emporium of fabricy loveliness, I suggest you immediately make a date in your dairy to do so. It is huge and literally lined with fabric of every description. If you can’t find something you like here then you should go home and take up woodwork instead! Anyhow, I digress …

It’s no secret, I’m not much of a quilter – I find all that cutting and piecing and perfect alignment and pressing a bit much. I have made three quilts in my life and they have all been something of an ordeal. I think it is because they take such an extraordinary amount of time to make and I am a big Miss Impatient Pants. When I was given the details of the lecture I was a bit worried that it would be all about the quilting, but I decided to give it a go anyway. I am so glad I did. I am so INSPIRED (there are going to be a lot of caps in this post, I can tell already). I hung off the man’s every word and drooled at the avalanche of colour in his source photos.


I loved his approach … the idea that the finish wasn’t so important, that it was the emotion of the colours and the “glow” that was the point of the piece. I have always had an instinctive reaction to colours and how I put them together, and it is this gut feeling that Kaffe has in abundance. The partnership he has with Brandon Mably is so suffused with a joint love of colour, texture and pattern that you find yourself just wanting to be part of their club. I came away so infused with new ideas that I couldn’t sleep a wink, my creative brain was in total overdrive.

One last thing he said that may be love him even more … that to be creative you had to be messy! (Whoops of joy from me as I now think I’m going to have this made up into a huge sign to put on my art room wall and maybe even a bumper sticker! Take that neat freaks of the world.)

The other thing I brought home with me after last night’s colour adventure was fabric … yes, even more fabric. Here’s a pic of the haul.

Oooh – I have such wonderful things planned for this little lot! It’s craft day on Saturday with the local stitch ‘n’ bitch group so I will be sewing all day. Watch this space …

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Colour mad designer rampages gleefully through the world of plus size sewing! Oh, and there may be shoes … and cats.

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