Bright lights, big city shirt


A sneak peek at my latest UFO. I loved this fabric from the moment I saw it in a warehouse sale … and it’s perfect for my bloke (he used to be an architect). I thought I could really funk it up by using a contrast turquoise sketch blender for some detail and then different coloured buttons. But four days in and I’m still sewing!!! Argh! Now known as the Shirt o’Doom, I can’t even tell you how many times I have picked and unpicked seams, sighed endlessly over the sleeve insertion (when I rule the world it will be illegal to add more than half an inch of ease to the sleeve cap of any sewing pattern), and just generally it’s been a pain in the arse.

To make matters worse there are metres of hand sewing involved. The yoke … all handsewn, the cuffs … handsewn, even the bands at the front of the shirt … you guessed it … handsewn!  I hate it. Still, on the up side it is looking lovely. I am going to try a last minute bid to finish this tomorrow night, but I still have the collar stand and collar and all the buttonholes to do. It could be a very late night!

Published by t@uandmii

Colour mad designer rampages gleefully through the world of plus size sewing! Oh, and there may be shoes … and cats.

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