’Cause I am a champion & you’re gonna hear me roar

Oooh – what is this terrifying creature lurking in the long bamboo on a sunny afternoon? Okay, maybe not so big on the scary front but very cute. Check out the little pouchy cheeks on these guys!


This king of the jungle and his entourage are the awesome wild side critters to adorn this fun print from Makower fabrics. I scored this adorable cotton fabric on my expendition to Ally Pally last autumn and as soon as I saw it I knew it was perfect for a shirt for Aiden’s 3rd birthday present. Not only that, but it was a great contender for a Jungle January project. (Yes, I do know it’s February now, but I promise this was all sewed, seamed and pressed before the clock chimed midnight on the last second of January.)


I was a little tight on fabric for the shirt, so the pattern placement is not quite as perfect as I might like (secretly being a sewing control freak who aims for such things), but I think a newbie three year old with a safari on his shirt hopefully won’t be too bothered by such trifles. The cotton print has a slightly faded, retro look to it and is busy enough not to show up food stains or other boy related hazards too badly. The shirt pattern is the lovely Sketchbook Shirt by Oliver + S. This is a really great pattern, with fantastic, easy to follow instructions. I am so happy I found it, after spending disappointing hours trawling through the selection of boyswear patterns from the Big 3. (Their designers seem to be quite deluded as to what’s de rigueur amongst the wee people in our midst, OR are living eternally in 1983, I can’t decide which.) No wonder there are so many brilliant indie pattern designers creating wonderful, wearable children’s clothes nowadays. I also downloaded the Sunday Brunch jacket pattern (for little girls) as it was soooo lovely. I love the instant fix of a downloadable pattern. While you do then have to do a bit of cutting and taping, at least you have it right NOW and there is no waiting involved. What can I say? I am an instant gratification kind of girl.

I made no changes to the pattern at all, and was delighted to have found one with a proper stand collar which I always thinks sews up with a much nicer finish than the “camp collar” featured on many other shirts in this age range. Even the button bands were a breeze, and I managed pretty perfect topstitching. I also love the little details on these patterns … the box pleat on the back yoke is a really nice and unusual touch.

To be honest, I’ll be sad to see Jungle January go. I’ve so enjoyed seeing all the makes on Anne’s lovely blog. (Who would have though there were that many animal prints in the world?) Bring on Blue February … I am ready.

p.s. Thanks to Katy Perry for the epic song Roar whose lyrics I totally nicked for this post’s title. She is awesome, and better yet wears a leopard print bikini combo in the video for the song (animal print wearing women of the world unite).

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