Gone Fishin’ hat


Here’s cheeky Aiden modelling a fishy sunhat as he tries to catch a wee fish for himself in our pond! Although the fabric is great and he’s rocking the whole look … let’s be honest, it’s a bit on the tight side. As my Gramp would have said, “Like a pea on a drum” … the moral of the story is never trust a parent to measure a child’s head. When I enquired as to how the measurement could have gone so astray I was told that there had been some improvisational technique with a metal and wooden ruler when a fabric tape measure couldn’t be found before they texted me the size. *sigh*. We practically had to lever this onto poor Aiden’s head for the shots, so the hat itself is now destined for a new home for a younger (smaller headed) wannabe fisherman. Not to worry, I have plenty of the fish fabric left so Fish Hat Mark 2 (size L) is now on the project list!

Just after Aiden finishing his fishing expedition I started clearing the remaining leaves from the pond with my newly acquired net. To my astonishment, as I leant over the bridge to poke my net underneath to pick out the odd errant leaf, one of the most stubborn ones turned around and looked at me before swimming away!! We have newts!! Not only that, but after further investigation it turns out they are of the Great Crested variety. How exciting!

Published by t@uandmii

Colour mad designer rampages gleefully through the world of plus size sewing! Oh, and there may be shoes … and cats.

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