(More) new shoes

I have an unnatural love for shoes, especially high heels. I own well over 100 pairs of shoes (that’s just heels and doesn’t include summer wedges, sandals and winter boots). My other half and I reached a shoes armistice when we realised that should I buy any more shoes (at all) we may just have to build a whole new house (probably out of shoes) to store them all in. We live in a little old cottage so there is only so much space for everything. Although I dream of walk in wardrobes with pullout drawers of shoes arranged by colour the truth is mine have to be racky-stacked in a massive cupboard over the stairs in the spare room and they don’t all quite fit in there! So I was sensible, and I quit … mostly! But sometimes there are still a pair that I can’t resist … that sing to me in that certain tone and that I know I absolutely MUST own.

The other day I had one of those moments. I don’t exactly what it was about this particular pair of shoes. Was is the fact that they are covered in felt with hand stitching or the union jack or the hearts … whatever spell they wove it was the most lethal of combinations. All I know is that I loved them at first sight (aren’t all the best things that way, from dresses to men!). And now I have them in my hands (hurrah for internet shopping). They are the perfect mix of minx and kookiness I adore. I know that when I slip them on I shall transform into retro styled vixen (that bit may be just in my head) and saunter alluringly for the rest of the day.

Shoes. I love them (I think I may have mentioned that bit earlier!).

Published by t@uandmii

Colour mad designer rampages gleefully through the world of plus size sewing! Oh, and there may be shoes … and cats.

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