Parlez vous Franglaise?

This lovely iconic fabric from Makower (London) just begged to be turned into something fun and cheery. I wanted something a little different where I could mix four of the pattern fabrics into the design. After much searching I came up with this lovely pattern courtesy of Marie Claire. Trouble is, it’s in French! *sigh*


As if sewing wasn’t tricky enough, I now find the only pattern I want to make in this gorgeous fabric is written in a foreign language. “Ah, it can’t be that hard though”, I thought to myself.

Wrong! Oh, how Madame Coutts, my old French teacher would be laughing at me now! All thouse lectures about how I should apply myself a little harder, “Concentrate, as one day you will need some ‘real French’, mark my words young lady.” All those verb tables I ignored, dialogue homework that I decoded on the jiggly bus ride into school … the tuts and sighs as I struggled my way through the classes with my dodgy accent, accompanied by the idea that a beret was as much Frenchness as I needed thank you very much. Who’d have thought she’d turn out to be right?

Still, this is the age of technology surely Google would hold the answer? Hmmm, seems like Google translator does fine on most french words, just not on those peculiar to sewing! Some of the translated instructions had me sniggering like a schoolboy, they wouldn’t have sounded out of place in a dirty book … Prick into the gap etc … In the end I just kind of cobbled it together as best I could. And you know, it’s starting to make sense! Just have to figure out the straps now and do the facing and we’ll be good to go. I think the fabric combination is really working, in fact it even garnered unsolicited comments from my bloke so it must be good. I’m also toying with the idea of something really decorative to go with this which I think will really add to the piece (reaching for the wool felt as I type!).

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Colour mad designer rampages gleefully through the world of plus size sewing! Oh, and there may be shoes … and cats.

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