Sewing a Christmas menagerie!

It’s Christmas Eve and there has been a veritable cavalcade of seasonal sewing in these parts. Yes, this time last year I absolutely promised myself that I would NOT put myself through these last minute deadlines and I would be sensible and actually go to the shop and buy some presents rather than try and make things. Well, I did for some people, but I still like to sew for the wee people I know.

With three different recipients in mind I picked these two lovely flannel prints from Plush Addict and the Happy Girls jersey print from KitschyCoo for a skater dress.


The monkeys are destined for a pair of PJs for Will (my godson). Ever since he was tiny he has had a cuddly monkey called Jack. Jack has been pretty much everywhere with Will over the years, and although he’s nearly six now and obsessed with superheros and the like, there is still always a special place for Jack the monkey, so I think he’ll love this fabric. It’s much brighter in real life and lovely and soft too.

Will’s little brother, Aiden (dressed below as the cutest sheep you’ll ever see at his nursery school nativity) is definitely a nature boy. Although I still think he’s far too pretty to be a boy with his curly locks and cherubic cheeks, I’ve gone for matching PJs in a little own print with shiny copper toned buttons. So adorable, and if anything this cotton flannel is even softer. I used New Look 6746 for both sets and it’s a lovey easy pattern. The most time consuming part was tracing off the different sizes, and after that it was full steam ahead.

Here are the jamas all finished and heading for some Christmas wrapping.


Next up was the happy girls jersey print dress. I just fell in love with this print as soon as I saw it. It features a trilby wearing squirrel, ponies, flowers and has the most gorgeous buttercup yellow background … and I thought perfect for the little girl’s skater dress. I am so pleased with how this turned out. It was an easy peasy make and really helped me start to overcome my fear of sewing knits. I’m so delighted with the pattern that I think I may attempt the grown up skater dress in the new year. Here it is hanging cheerily just before wrapping (check out the gangsta squirrel!)


And here are the three wee people these are destined for (from left to right, Aiden, Will and Evie) …


I’m really hoping to get some photos of them sporting their new togs over the holidays.

Meanwhile, of course I have been sewing regular sized stuff too (A’s Christmas snowflake shirt was finished this very morning and I’m hoping to take some photos of him in it for its debut tomorrow on Christmas Day). Another last minute project was some super tiny mini bunting I made for our clients at work. It seemed like a really great idea in the planning … I made little cards which said,”Deck your desk with mini bunting, fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la” but when it actually came to sewing and turning zillions of teensy tiny bunting flags over metres and metres of bias binding, well, let’s just say it wasn’t quite such fun. On the up side … they looked so cool when they were done and the clients loved them.


Last but not least, I also made some lovely little stacked bundles of lavender sachets for little extra presents for friends and family. I used some stash fabrics and referred to the brilliant tutorial on Flossie Teacakes lovely blog to get perfect corners (yes, I am very anal about 90° angles on my lavender sachets!). Such a quick and easy make and takes hardly any fabric. I cut them at 4 inches by 4 and and half inches before sewing … and they could be a little larger. Personally, though, I love the looks of these mini versions and they are so easy to tuck into a drawer or storage chest. I love the ribbon with the type on it.


Phew, that’s it. I have a brand new bag all cut out ready to sew featuring polks dots and penguins, so I will be turning my attention to that after the new few days of holiday festivities. I am so looking forward to some serious sewing time. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

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