The Garden Party dress

It was the colour on this print that first drew my eye – cobalt blue, emerald green and magenta rich purple combine to pack a big punch to the large hydrangea print. A Kaffe Fasset design for Rowan it was a bit on the pricey side but what the hell! I spotted this on a trip to Lady Sew n Sew’s warehouse in Henley and bought enough to make another Fashion Star sundress. When I got it home though I wasn’t quite as convinced. Yes, it was bright but it was a bit … well, normal! I decided to push my reservations aside and cut another McCalls 6554 (my current go to summer dress of choice). Although I rounded the neck, I completely forgot to add the extra few centimetres to the bodice length (doh!) so it’s still very much an empire style top. As a saving grace though, it does have roomy pockets (something that are becoming a bit of a fixture for me nowadays).


It was a very quick sew as I’ve already made the pattern twice, and on this one I didn’t bother lining the skirt. Once all the seams were sewn I put it on and … hmmmm … It wasn’t very me really … it just lacked a certain ‘something’. Back to the sewing shed and rifle through umpteen yards of leftover fabric from other projects. After much ummming and ahhhing I found this tiny polka dot cotton – perfect for a pretty trim at the bottom of the skirt. What was even more fantastic about that idea was that I wouldn’t need to handstitch the hem (yay!).

It’s still quite a normal looking dress but I think the splash of purple at the bottom is just enough to lift it. I have had loads of comments on it this summer, especially after picking a couple of things in the sales … a lovely purple bolero cardi from M & Co and a pair of buttery soft shoes from Moshulu.


Once again I’m always turning to my favourite bag purchase of the summer. I think it’s from the Old Bag Company. What’s not to love in polka dots! The dress is edging into the out of season end of my wardobe now as it’s not one I think lends itself to the tights and cardi treatment. Never mind, it’ll look gorgeous again when I get it out next Spring.


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Colour mad designer rampages gleefully through the world of plus size sewing! Oh, and there may be shoes … and cats.

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