The London Bag

It’s finished! Yay! I LOVE this bag. This would have been a lovely, easy to sew bag project had it not been for the French instructions, and my desire to make two colour handles (I know, I just do it to myself), but overall I’m really pleased with the end result.


Although I wasn’t sure til I put them on right at the end I’m also delighted with my idea to add large self covered buttons under the straps in the contrasting colour, just to give the whole thing a bit more va va voom. When you open up the bag to pop something inside it’s even nicer! Why? Because it’s lined with cheery black and white polka dots.


This is one of those accessories that immediately sets my active imagination into overdrive. CUT to summer’s evening on the Embankment … as the camera swoops in over the Thames you see (in the glow from the enchanting Victorian lampposts) a woman walking alone. As we pan in closer we can see her retro skirt, an artfully chosen modern twinset with a ittle neckerchief jauntily tied around her neck and feet encased in patent scarlet ballet slippers. She swings her bag as she walks … smiling and nodding at passers by … Funny, isn’t it, how I magically transmogrify into Audrey Tautou in my daydreams?! I am hardly the ingenue type, yet wouldn’t it be lovely to have that effortless, innocent, artless appeal?

I feel a scarlet 50s skirt coming on, just so I can swoosh my way down the street with this bag over my shoulder. The Embankment, here I come!

Published by t@uandmii

Colour mad designer rampages gleefully through the world of plus size sewing! Oh, and there may be shoes … and cats.

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