The star spangled All American Girl dress

This confection of red, white and blue, complete with stars, stripes, half-naked wenches and glitzy USA typography, adorns my latest terribly understated  *embarassed cough* incarnation of the Lady Skater dress.


As you’ll no doubt remember from my Intergalactic Planetary interpretation of the Lady Skater Pattern by Kitschycoo, I am head over heels in love with this pattern. It is the perfect work dress … comfortable, uncreasable, quick to make, and ridiculously wearable. This version has already had three outings since I made it last weekend. After resolving my initial fitting issues with the pattern (due to my extraordinary cartoon-like, Dolly Partonesque physique) I can now run this baby up in a couple of hours. That time frame also allows much time for fabric coo-ing, studying it at great length while drinking tea, removing kitties from the cut out pieces when they decide to use them as a bed and the occasional pat (all of which occur on a regular basis in my sewing shed).


The fabric is the stuff jersey dreams are made of … light as a feather, it washes and dries in no time and is only just on the safe side of lock you up eccentric. Better still, it was in the sale! If there is anything better than sewing a new dress you love, it is sewing a new dress you love when you got the fabric at bargain basement price. For my fellow crazies, you can still purchase some of this star spangled goodness at Minerva Crafts. They have one of the best selection of jersey fabrics here in the UK and I have two more of their delectably different fabrics already safely stashed for future Lady Skaters. The dress is essentially unchanged from my wearable muslin version, although this jersey is not quite as stretchy, and arguably the hem could be an inch or two longer, but hey, what’s a pudgy knee between friends? I kept the three quarter length sleeves and neckline because it makes it easier to make the dress multi-seasonal (tights and a cardi in the colder months and unadorned for spring/summer).


In this dress I feel a bit like Supergirl – perhaps it’s the combo of sky blue with scarlet, or the fact that I’m emblazoned with the old stars ‘n’ stripes, or perhaps because the perfect accessory is one of many, many pairs of red shoes – whatever the reason for me it’s a winner. It reminds me of all the happy months I spent in the States, and all the things I miss about the good old US of A. From the waft of a Cinnabon as you walk into a shopping mall to sloppy joes, baseball games, fantastic burgers, screened windows, all night book shops, great customer service and fabric stores laden with goodies so cheap and plentiful you almost cry. *ahhh* Good times.


This is my last make for Sew Blue February. Next up on the sewing table are a floral trench coat (I have no idea what I am thinking!) and some darling dresses for the grandchilderbeasts.

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Colour mad designer rampages gleefully through the world of plus size sewing! Oh, and there may be shoes … and cats.

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